Insightful Friendship

Guarded as I am, I approach “friendship” with the respect of a sacred being… carefully watching who to trust.  However, every once in awhile, someone slips through the briefing process because fate has a plan.

I’m not sure how or when Lindsey Jones and I became friends.  I don’t even remember exchanging phone numbers, yet here we are almost four years later and rare is the day that goes by without a text exchange between us.

What do I value most about our friendship?  It’s easy.  Lindsey is always there to listen, learn, and love without boundaries.  You can’t force or duplicate that quality.  Although it is hard to achieve, she naturally lands in that position of ease.  Now it is time for me….for us….to be in that position for her.

I come from a family that taught me words are the main powerhouse that accelerate
and decelerate growth and change.  To receive words with life and rebuke words with death.  The words “Myopic Degeneration” have been spoken to and over, my dear friend, Lindsey’s eyes.  And I rebuke them.  And I ask you to do the same.

If you’re familiar with the story of my Grandmother, Delores Winder, you are instantly aware that I staunchly believe in miracles….I am referring to biblical miracles.  This is the exact miracle I am believing, receiving, and praying for Lindsey.  A miracle that is powerful.  A miracle that is possible.

I ask that you would join in praying for Lindsey, sending her good vibes, keeping her and her family in your positive and uplifting thoughts….whatever approach you feel comfortable with to help lift up this beautiful, talented, and loyal Wife, Mother, Daughter, and Friend.

I thank you and hope you have a friend as wonderful as Lindsey in your life….but you can’t have Lindsey because she’s my friend and that’s how that works.




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