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Personal Trainer, Kyle Higginbotham

Recently we had the opportunity to ask Kyle Higginbotham, one of Destin, Florida’s top personal trainers,  a series of questions about health, fitness and confidence…

So… Let’s take a walk in Kyle’s shoes as he shares why his life is about much more than muscles and protein powder!

Kyle’s story with health and fitness started at a young age. Growing up in an unhealthy environment, he says, “There wasn’t much that was in my control so I looked elsewhere to have normalcy.”

Fitness started as an outlet, a way to “Personally escape and take my life into my own hands… But it quickly turned into a passion and it’s not something I just do for myself… I get to help others build a life that’s healthy.”

Growing up Kyle was invested in wrestling and boxing. He says, “I loved it, but I didn’t feel there was a future in that so I headed to school to become a chef. Everything was lined up… until I was asked to teach a fitness class at the MMA gym I trained in. In those moments, I realized that I was passionate about physical fitness and teaching it to others. So, I switched my major to exercise science and began my journey to become a personal trainer.”

While training his clients, Kyle reminds them, “We are fighting for the important things in life.”

Today Kyle is able to pair his passion for fitness with people through Force Fitness. He says, “Each of my clients come from a variety of backgrounds and they all have different goals. Some want to maintain their health, some are looking to stay fit during pregnancy, or recover from an injury and some are looking for transformations. Each goal inspires me because what they don’t realize is they are capable of reaching them they just need guidance.”

Like Cultivate Life, Kyle is a believer in a soul, mind and body connection. He says, “Without the mind and soul, the body is nothing. The battle for my clients begins in their minds. Their body is the outward vocalization of the thoughts in their head. When your soul and mind are in a healthy place your body will follow. Sometimes people do not realize that their mind and their souls are out of shape until we dive into our workout and start vocalizing their goals and where they come from.” He believes, “The three things work together as a trifecta.”

With a balance of this “trifecta,” Kyle is constantly motivated to achieve the best in each avenue of life he pursues. He says, “Whether it is in my job as a personal trainer, as a friend or as a husband, I want to be the very best version of myself I can be.”

Pictured here with wife Kadi, Kyle says, “Whether it is in my job as a personal trainer, as a friend or as a husband, I want to be the very best version of myself I can be.”

He believes, “It’s easy to want to be the best, but it’s also easy to forget the people around us.” So then it’s important to remember, “It’s about becoming the best version of yourself, and then being the best husband/wife, father/mother, etc that you can be… We are fighting for the important things in life.”

One important thing we should all strive to fight for in life is a lifestyle of confidence… Kyle says, “Confidence to me is the ability to look life’s problems in the face and be able to overcome them. Being confident is something we are not born with, but it is something that can be developed. So many of the life lessons and good qualities I have have been built in the gym. They have come from the relationships I have built and the people who have trained me.”

He also says, “A lot of what I do can be focused on a persons outward appearance; however confidence, in their bodies cannot exist without confidence in themselves and their character. If we are not confident on the inside we will never be satisfied with the way our body looks on the outside. I am a firm believer that if we are mentally confident, the struggles life brings become a lot easier to handle.”

Here with a group of clients, Kyle says, “The gym us a space where we train for life!”

Which is why… With his personal experience with health, fitness and confidence, Kyle can easily say, “ The gym is a space where we train for life. We aren’t just training for a themed 5k, we are training ourselves to be stronger from the inside out.”

If you’re visiting or living in the Destin, FL area, please connect with Kyle through Force Fitness!

Thanks for sharing Kyle!

– Cultivate Life Team

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