Bridget Winder Art Tour..

In March, we made the decision to have an art show in our Los Angeles apartment.. A place to display all of the art Bridget has created over the last year..

It was quite an experience and adventure..

From there, we decided to roll up the art and drive it across the country..

Our first stop was Shreveport, Louisiana.. Here, Bridget was able to share her art with our friends and family that have watched her gift of art grow and mature over the years.. We were also able to help our mom clean out her garage (we needed a space for the show) and pack her home to move..

Then we ventured to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.. Roll Tide!. Being in Tuscaloosa was a great experience because Theatre Tuscaloosa offered a night and space for a few artists to display their work and fellowship with each other..

After the art shows, we ventured back west.. And made a stop at the Grand Canyon!.

We hope you enjoy the video of our Spring adventures!

-Amanda & Bridget


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