Discovering Life Through Dreys Senses

Brin Hanson Photography
Brin Hanson Photography

Have you ever met someone who makes you feel like you are worth more than all the gold and jewels in the world?  Someone who stares you straight in the eyes and only recognizes your existence on the planet when you are engaged in conversation.  Someone who can find beauty and importance in your ugliest flaw.  Someone who reveals all your value.  That someone for me is Drey Mitchell.

Drey and I met while auditioning at The University of Alabama.  We shared an audition group and bonded over having the same favorite Broadway actress…. and Drey cried over my headshot.  I will never forget it.

After we were both accepted into the department we hit the ground running.  Well… I at least thought I did, but then learned very quickly that if you make the mistake of comparing lives, never compare yours to Drey.  He was involved in everything one could imagine and possessed energy from another world that rarely lowered.

One thing I’ve always admired about Drey is his innate ability to be anything but short-winded and how he can find beauty and purpose in everything that touches his senses.

Now living in New York City, my curiosity grew… a city so filled with noise and constant hustle, how does he find reach a quiet state of peace and find God in all of the unrest.  Drey so beautifully said, “I find my connection to God most in the eyes of the angel. I’m talking about in the eyes of the fragile, the meek, the confused, and the angry.  Anyone going through the mill of tribulation contributes to and strengthens my connection to God through our collective dreams, struggles, and achievements.”

I believe the hyper-sensitive state Drey accesses is a gift. Now living in a society that is more selfish than ever and a world where the ability to connect is stronger than ever, non-physical connection is what we are growing most comfortable with.  But that doesn’t hinder Drey from finding fulfillment amongst the invisible community we exchange experiences with.  “After leading a life of only being outward, physical, active, transparent,

Brin Hanson Photography

and available, I can truly say that that the reach of the spirit is what energizes me most and not the reach of the hand. Without taking the time to contemplate before execution, desire is fueled with impulse which has been mistaken for well developed passion. Lonely, yes, on a superficial level…..I like to ‘save some of myself, FOR myself.'”  As Drey’s lines run deeper….He can connect on spiritual levels with quickness and ease to then feel and communicate his heart for each moment he experiences.  Drey expressed that his spirit is rooted to a “collective bond of spiritual nourishment vs. physical disparagement,” leaving no space for inauthenticity to survive. “Loosening all the bonds of the artificial. WE were originally all WE had so any time that I find myself in a firestorm of confused, pressurized soul searching, with another individual, my light is guaranteed to shine a little brighter with the help of another star.”  And what a beaming star he is.

Now if you haven’t taken notice, Drey speaks with an intelligence and depth that demands your full attention.  His willingness to be vulnerable is a constant personal inspiration and he’s not stopping anytime soon.  Today makes a special mark on his calendar as he made the bold and brave decision eleven months ago to forego ongoing and what would have evolved into additional treatment for bipolar and acute anxiety.  “The medicine was ‘stabilizing’ my body but swiftly deadening my soul. Feeling autonomous was the only feeling I had and after undergoing addiction rehab, intensive psychotherapy, and multiple counseling seminars and joint sessions with spiritualist I came to the conclusion that everyone either does or that they must, your imagination, your inclinations, your emotions – the only visages given from God to hurdle each of us towards our destiny. Without instinct, we are plants.  Without exerting the built in WILL of your destiny, we are purposeless.  The ending confusion is only met by wiping uncertainty with the certainty of your desire to materialize the needs of your spirit. To say that that you want to be famous is a basic yearning. To say that you want to be a permanent reminder of love, a constant bearer of the soul, that is a troubled and chosen existence. I’ve accepted the call and the frequency is louder than ever.  My faith is all I have and all I need.”  And you are more than 11920298_10207237220667001_838052257_nenough.

The pride and love I have for Drey swells more with every encounter we have – spiritual, physical, or the vast space and time that connects us through the internet. He is a constant reminder to me of authenticity and I am always anxiously awaiting what he is going to say next….and ready to give my full attention.

Love, Bridget

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