Spiritual Counseling

We all go through ups and downs in life. Sometimes the lows of life can lead us into dark places and spaces.

Spiritual Counseling is offered to those looking to gain insight on how to overcome and walk through the darkness. With the help of God and His Holy Spirit, we want to help guide you into a healthier and livelier way of life!

If you are interested in spiritual counseling please contact Amanda:

Nutritional Guidance

If you are looking to cultivate a healthy relationship with food, please contact Amanda below.

Her passion for physical health began when she was 17 years old. Wanting to lose some of the 230 lbs that made her Amanda, she began to exercise and eat better. As she began to lose the weight, she realized how much she loved health and so she began to help her friends and family members do the same.

11 years later, Amanda has maintained the lifestyle she cultivated, and she’s learned so much about nutrition and physical fitness a long the way. With a degree from the University of Alabama, based in nutrition, psychology and all things spiritual, Amanda is equipped to help you cultivate a healthier life.

Together, she will discuss your current lifestyle, and then provide a meal plan that works in your life! Email: