Joy Comes in the Morning

IMG_6289 (1)A huge chunk of who we are today is because of those that raised us, those who took their time to poor equal portions of life and death into us.

And though we don’t have to live with the darkness of death, we can live with the light. We can allow the positive, light-bearing truths of our realities to outshine the darkness we might feel.

When our grandmother, Delores Winder, was healed, God did just that. The Holy Spirit came in and changed her heart and her mind.  He said, “I threw away your theology. Now you do not have a handle on theology.” And she boldly said, “Alright then you better give me Yours.” Then He took her on a journey and revealed Himself to her in new ways.

We believe now more than ever, God can and will transform our minds and truly uproot the negative, deadly thinking we’ve been born with.  And that He truly will cause a new joy to rise up in the midst of our country’s struggle with reality and truth.

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-Amanda & Bridget

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