The Art of Motherhood

Sarah Baker Photography

Over a decade ago, at the age of 15, I met Lauren Ross..  She quickly became a close friend, mentor, and mother-like figure in my life.

Through the years, I’ve watched Lauren mount community theatre shows, care for all of her “theatre babies,” and still manage to keep her creative juices for painting flowing.  She has never lacked creativity. And, though she’s mothered several of us through the arts, recently she’s accomplished her greatest creation to date…

Lauren has become a mother of a different shade – giving life to her baby boy, Hudson.

Sarah Baker Photography

When asked about how her creativity has evolved since Hudson, Lauren said, “The motivation to be a better artist started when I was pregnant. After Hudson was born my drive has been fiercer than it’s ever been in my life.”  She now strives to “be a better artist and mother for him.”

It appears that Lauren is quickly achieving her ideals as a mother and artist.  Hudson is her new world and her life has only enhanced since his birth.  She explained, “The fact that I can do what I love, take care of my son and make money is a dream. Having him is the happiest I’ve ever felt. The most I’ve ever loved. I would do anything to take care of him.”  She paints with Hudson in her lap and may have a future artist sitting atop her.  She expressed that he watches every move she makes as she talks to him about the colors and process.

Lauren, in my opinion, has a vast knowledge of several different areas of the arts and their history.  She has applied this to her artwork by “mixing the old with the new”,  but also by mixing the arts.  “My art is about fashion, theatrics, pop culture and color.  My latest paintings have been of such icons as Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland. I mix them with current fabrics from designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci to make them edgy and fresh.”  Being a huge fan of colors and claiming some are even “edible” to her eyes, her paintings pop neutral colored icons off the canvases with vibrant backgrounds.

Sarah Baker Photography

Life for Lauren looks like it is anything but slowing down.  As her Hudson grows and evolves, so will her art and I am looking forward to witnessing her life through a canvas.

You can find Lauren’s artwork (with sprinkles of Hudson) on Instagram at or Facebook at “ART by Lauren.”  Direct inquiries can be sent to

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